OberClean Compounds

Obertec Limited offers a wide range of compounds designed for optimum finishing of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We can provide custom supplies to meet your in-house processing. With our in-house formulation and testing facility, we can design to meet your needs. Our OberClean compounds are manufactured to the highest industry standards. All of our compounds are bio-degradable and environmentally safe. Our chemists and technical staff can provide information, advice and answers to any compound application questions. Obertec Limited provides a variety of compounds specifically designed for different parts and processes. Our OberClean compounds are divided in four main groups, depending on designation process and are designed for:

      • Washing
      • Deburring
      • Degreasing
      • Rust inhibiting

OberClean compounds are then classified into usage specific media with detailed specifications. Material Safety data sheets for all compounds are available at our downloads section. Send your sample parts to our processing lab for a free assessment or contact Dwayne 905-366-8289 or Clive 905-366-8285.